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Evidence-Based Idea Validation Framework

Our Evidence-Based Idea Validation Framework stands at the intersection of creativity, user-centric thinking and evidence-based decision-making.
idea validation framework

Evidence-Based Idea Validation Framework

Experience optimisation strategically enhances the user journey by addressing both customer intent and expectations, resulting in improved outcomes.
Create and validate ideas that effectively address customer intent

Our approach to Experience Optimisation stands at the intersection of creativity, user-centric thinking and evidence-based decision-making. It involves a meticulous examination of potential frictions that may arise between customer intent and the actual user experience. Through this comprehensive understanding of user intent and expectations, issues that hinder the experience from meeting expectations can be identified. Subsequently, more ideas can be generated to address the needs of various customers.

Our evidence-based ideation framework proactively aligns improvements with customer expectations, providing a clear and thorough process for generating ideas for experience optimisation.

The Need For A Validation Framework

Our Evidence-Based Idea Validation Framework has been designed to enable you to consistently deliver innovative and effective solutions that address user intent and optimise digital experiences for our clients. 

The framework is structured to efficiently capture, analyse and validate ideas, ensuring that the generated concepts are solid, supported, and evidence-backed.  

Addressing Customer Expectations

At the core of our framework is a deep understanding and alignment with customer intent.

Through a dedicated customer-centric approach, we identify intents, expectations, and friction points, crafting ideas that resolve issues and enhance the overall experience to meet user needs.

This ensures that our strategies and solutions resonate seamlessly with users, fostering a more satisfying and tailored experience, ultimately leading to increased user satisfaction and loyalty.

The Impact

Experience doesn’t match customer intent and expectations.

(Customer Intent + Customer Expectations) > Experience = Friction

An experience that doesn’t align with customer intent and expectations will cause friction and leave the customer dissatisfied. This will likely result in a bounce, with the customer leaving the website.


Experience matches customer intent and expectations.

Experience > (Customer Intent + Customer Expectations) = Action

An experience that aligns with customer intent and expectations will create satisfaction and encourage the customer to engage and take the desired action, leading to greater engagement and conversions.

The framework has been designed to help you achieve the latter.

Every Generated Idea Requires Validation

The evidence-based validation framework allows for an additional layer in your existing or preferred prioritisation framework.

This ensures that only the most user-centric and evidence-backed concepts are considered for selection. The Dexata evidence-backed framework calculates an evidence score for each idea, supplementing the existing scoring model for an objective selection process.

This streamlined approach prioritises concepts that not only align with user needs but also have a strong basis in evidence, enhancing the potential to meet and exceed customer expectations. 

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