Meetup April 29th 2024 – Privacy-Focused Advertising: Identity Resolution in the Post-Cookie World

Attend our MarTech London event to delve into privacy-centric advertising solutions in the post-cookie world alongside industry experts, including Utiq's pioneering identity resolution approach firsthand.
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Privacy-Focused Advertising: Identity Resolution in the Post-Cookie World

Lost in the maze of consent forms and intrusive advertising? It’s time to break free from the chaos. Explore how to navigate the post-cookie world and empower consumers with genuine control over their privacy. Don’t miss our exclusive event, where industry experts and thought leaders come together to delve into privacy-centric advertising solutions. Discover Utiq’s innovative identity resolution solution, designed to provide authentic consent and enable greater personalised customer experiences.

Date: Monday 29th April 2024
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM BST
Location: Storey Club,
4 Kingdom St, London W2 6BD

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More about the Meetup

Attend our MarTech London event to delve into privacy-centric advertising solutions in the post-cookie world alongside industry experts, including Utiq’s pioneering identity resolution approach firsthand.

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Why Attend The Meetup?

  • Empower Consumers: People are weary of their personal data being abused while navigating complex consent mechanisms. Discover a people-first approach for enabling personalised experiences while giving consumers control and choice over their privacy. Say goodbye to intrusive advertising and hello to privacy-focused advertising.

  • Brands and Publishers: Learn how to reach consented audiences through encrypted solutions, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations while delivering relevant digital marketing experiences.

  • The Industry Shift: The digital advertising industry is at a crossroads. We’re bombarded with intrusive and repetitive advertising that disrupts our daily lives. But there’s hope. Utiq is leading the charge towards a more transparent and consumer-centric advertising ecosystem, where the open web becomes valuable again for everyone.

What Awaits You

Along with seeing an exclusive live demonstration, attendees will:

Expert Insights

Gain unparalleled insights from leading experts in identity resolution, privacy compliance, and data analytics. Discover the strategies and best practices to thrive in the absence of traditional tracking mechanisms.

Utiq Showcase

Witness firsthand how Utiq's cutting-edge technology revolutionises identity resolution. Learn about innovative approaches to maintain personalised user experiences while respecting user privacy and data protection laws.

Learn How CDPs Can Orchestrate Data

Discover how Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) streamline data orchestration across channels, by combining deterministic and probabilistic identifiers, enabling cohesive customer experiences while maintaining compliance with consent and preferences.

Panel Discussions

Engage in dynamic discussions with industry luminaries on the challenges and opportunities presented by the demise of third-party cookies. Explore strategies to adapt your marketing tactics and stay ahead of the curve.

Networking Opportunities

Forge new connections with fellow marketing and MarTech professionals. Share insights, ideas, and experiences to enrich your network.


Will Harmer

Chief Product Officer | Utiq

Will Harmer serves as the Chief Product Officer at Utiq, where he is widely acknowledged as a thought leader in crafting data-driven marketing organisations. With a wealth of experience, Will specialises in devising and implementing optimisation and personalisation strategies. His expertise empowers brands to make informed business decisions and elevate customer experiences to world-class standards.

Debbie Barnes

Debbie Barnes

Senior Strategic Account Executive | Tealium

Debbie Barnes, a Senior Strategic Account Executive at Tealium, is a Customer Data Platform and MarTech expert at the forefront of delivering trusted enterprise customer data orchestration solutions for over a decade, helping customers to collect, unify and leverage their data in order to innovate and fuel customer experiences.

Rajneesh Gautam

Founder & CEO | Dexata
Rajneesh Gautam, Founder & CEO of Dexata, is a pioneering leader in MarTech and digital strategy. He challenges norms, innovates solutions, particularly in response to declining cookies, and is passionate about reshaping MarTech to enhance brand positioning and personalise customer interactions. Additionally, he leads Martech London, fostering industry collaboration and advancement.

Charlie Nicholls

Chief Marketing Officer | Dexata

Charlie Nicholls, the CMO at Dexata, brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned Digital Marketing expert, Mentor, and Consultant. With a proven track record in MarTech, Charlie is dedicated to facilitating continuous learning opportunities in an ever-evolving tech realm, emphasising the importance of creating and enhancing impactful customer experiences.

The Agenda

Here is an overview of the evening.
  • Arrive at the event venue, check in, and enjoy refreshments.
  • Network with fellow attendees, speakers, and sponsors.
  • Opening remarks by Utiq, Tealium and Dexata – the event organisers.
  • Presentation on privacy-focused advertising solutions
  • Showcase of Utiq by Chief Product Officer, Will Harmer
  • Discussion on how CDPs can orchestra data by Debbie Barnes, Senior Strategic Account Executive at Tealium
  • Group discussion with MarTech specialists and industry leaders.
  • Open floor for questions
  • Grab some drinks, snacks and other refreshments.
  • Continue networking with peers and experts.


Space is limited, so secure your spot! Join us on April 29th in Paddington for an evening of innovation and networking.

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