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Have people in your team but not enough expertise? Continuous Learning as a Service (CLaaS) may help them understand their MarTech and how to use the stack at their disposal to achieve them with strategic use cases.

Personalised Learning Programs for your Organisation

Our personalised continuous learning programs are designed to support you to optimise and increase adoption of your MarTech stack.


CLaaS focuses on enabling teams to make the most out of their MarTech ecosystem. We help you learn how to evaluate, eliminate, and identify opportunities to leverage your MarTech stack. 

Our programs help you integrate the MarTech stack into your processes, upskill your staff and increase adoption with valuable commercial use cases that drive growth.

Problems with
Traditional One-Off Training

One-day training sessions have long been the go-to-choice for quick skill boosts but without applying the learnings to real-world problems, we miss the potential benefits.

The Forgetting Curve: German psychologist Ebbinghaus found that without any extra effort, most of what we learn is forgotten almost immediately.

The Forgetting Curve

Studies show that we tend to forget up to 50% of what we learn within an hour and 80% by the end of the month without reinforcement. 

One-off training raises other problems as well...

Rush and Overwhelm

Jamming comprehensive content into a single day can be overwhelming. Learners struggle to absorb and apply what they've learned effectively.

"One Size Fits All"

Attendees typically have diverse backgrounds and learning styles. Traditional one-day formats may not cater to individual needs adequately.

Limited Interactions

With tight schedules, there's limited time for hands-on practice, discussions, or addressing specific challenges.

Our Approach

Our continuous learning programs are designed to support you to optimise and increase adoption of your MarTech stack.

We help you overcome the adoption challenges hindered by traditional one-day training through our CLaaS (Continuous Learning as a Service) framework which focuses on “learning” rather than just “training”.

Learner Benefits

Cultivates Learning & Innovation

Continuous learning enhances knowledge reinforcement and empowers teams to translate their knowledge into innovative commercial use cases, ultimately leading to transformative results.

Greater Decision Making

Continuous learning and adoption of use cases enables trainees to identify, analyse and capitalise on opportunities. This increases adaptability, innovation and informed decision making. 

Career Development

Regularly acquiring new skills, insights and knowledge enhances their qualifications, making them eligible for internal promotions and advancement opportunities within the company. 

Increased Engagement and Satisfaction

Team members with clear, fun and motivating pathways to learn and develop are more likely to stay committed to their work, exhibit higher levels of productivity, and contribute positively to the overall work environment. 

Gamification: Powering Employee Success

We harness the power of gamification in CLaaS to transform and motivate employees in the continuous learning experience. ​

Gamification allows us to unlock new levels of employee engagement, collaboration, and healthy competition.​

Level up and achieve new heights in employee engagement, growth and retention.​

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