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One of the key challenges faced by MarTech leaders today is maximising the return on investment (ROI) of their MarTech stack. While one solution might be to hire expensive agencies, we strongly believe that empowering internal teams can lead to significantly better results.
CLaaS - continuous learning as a service

The Case For Continuous Learning

One-day training sessions have long been the go-to-choice for quick skill boosts. However, studies reveal that we often forget up to 50% of what we learn within an hour and 80% by the end of the month without reinforcement.

Continuous Learning addresses these challenges by providing ongoing support and reinforcement. It avoids the common pitfalls of traditional training, such as rush and overwhelm, limited interactions, and missed opportunities to apply learning to real-life commercial use cases. 

This is the reason we developed CLaaS™

Continuous Learning as a Service

CLaaS™ is a blend of continuous

learning and consulting

CLaaS focuses on enabling teams to make the most out of their MarTech ecosystem. We help you learn how to evaluate, eliminate, and identify opportunities to leverage your MarTech stack. 

Our continuous learning programs help you integrate the MarTech stack into your processes, upskill your staff and increase adoption with valuable commercial use cases that drive growth.

Training Learning
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Dexata Academy

Our CLaaS™ program offers team access to Dexata Academy, an interactive online learning platform designed to empower you and your team to progress swiftly through customisable use cases whenever needed.

Through CLaaS™, we create a tailored organisational view exclusively for your team, complete with a personalised pathways based on your objectives and MarTech stack. This serves as a valuable addition to workshops, sessions, and coaching hours, enhancing your learning experience.

Benefits for Brands

CLaaS™ focuses on enabling teams to make most out of the MarTech ecosystem.


ClaaS™ Empowers People

Structured learning enables teams on using MarTech to achieve business objectives.

People use MarTech

Teams enabled to use MarTech and working towards common business goals.

Adds Business Value

Innovation and accelerated adoption leads to business benefits.

Greater MarTech ROI

Realised benefits and increased ROI from their MarTech stack.

Benefits for Learners

CLaaS™ is committed to empowering teams to maximise the potential of the MarTech ecosystem, benefiting each individual learner and the team as a whole.
Cultivates Learning & Innovation

Continuous learning enhances knowledge reinforcement and empowers teams to translate their knowledge into innovative commercial use cases, ultimately leading to transformative results.

Greater Decision Making

Continuous learning and adoption of use cases enables trainees to identify, analyse and capitalise on opportunities. This increases adaptability, innovation and informed decision making. 

Career Development

Regularly acquiring new skills, insights and knowledge enhances their qualifications, making them eligible for internal promotions and advancement opportunities within the company. 

Increased Engagement and Satisfaction

Team members with clear, fun and motivating pathways to learn and develop are more likely to stay committed to their work, exhibit higher levels of productivity, and contribute positively to the overall work environment. 

Accelerate Number of Use-Cases
Engage People with Enable Innovation Boost MarTech Personalised Learning
Enable Innovation Boost MarTech Personalised Learning & Collaboration
Boost MarTech Personalised Learning & Collaboration Adoption & ROI

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Frequently Asked Questions

MarTech, short for marketing technology, covers a broad range of tools and technologies that marketers use to plan, execute, and measure marketing campaigns.

The areas of MarTech that we specialise in include:

  • Digital and Data Audits
  • Data Collection, Enablement and Analytics
  • Reporting and Visualisation
  • Audience Management and Activation (CDP)
  • Experience Optimisation (CRO & Personalisation)
  • Performance Marketing
  • SEO
  • Marketing Automation

To gauge the effectiveness of a CLaaS program, we focus on motivating employees to learn by engaging in practical exercises and real-world use cases that yield tangible outcomes. Here’s how we measure success:

  1. Exercise Completion: We track the number of practical exercises delivered to each team member, specifically those designed for commercial use cases.

  2. Use Case Maturity: Success is also evaluated based on the maturity of the use cases. We monitor the progression from basic (crawl) to advanced (fly) stages, noting when team members transition to more sophisticated use cases.

  3. Certification Achievement: Completion of exercises contributes to team members’ journey towards certification in specific MarTech areas, which we measure by the number of certifications obtained.

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